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Holt-Brown Celebration | New Orleans

Laura Holt and Christopher Brown were excited to celebrate their lives together in a place that they loved, New Orleans. They were looking for a way to showcase their New Orleans destination wedding festivities with their friends and loved ones, yet traditional wedding video production companies did not excite them... So they turned to implicted to create a feature video of the New Orleans celebration.

There was a dilemma though... We don't typically 'do' weddings, so we gladly referred the couple to partner companies that frequently produce wedding videos. Luckily, they didn't want traditional wedding videography companies to create the video for them, instead they wanted us, a New Orleans creative content video production company, to capture and produce the experience in a way that we do for many of our corporate or commercial video clients... So we were intrigued.

After much discussion, we got to know Laura and Christopher. Their unique and longstanding relationship paired with their welcoming and joy-of-life personalities made for a story that we're proud to have become characters in.

Part of our agreement is that instead of calling it a 'wedding video' we refer to the video as a 'celebration of life and love event'...therefore we could still hold true to our wedding-less tenure.. So, we were honored to be able to create this vision for them.

The writing of 'I always loved you' is the actual handwriting of Christopher to his wife, Laura. Throughout their decades of friendship and love, together and separate, this statement has always and continues to hold true.

Not only is the Holt-Brown Celebration one of our favorite projects to have worked on, we're lucky to now have Laura and Christopher as friends.

"Bourbon Street Parade" by Harry Connick Jr.

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